Barlow Pre-school
Barlow Pre-school

Barlow pre-school
Millcross Lane
S18 7TA

Tel. 0114 289 9046 

Morning sessions - 9.00am - 12.00pm Monday - Friday
Afternoon sessions - Tuesday & Thursday 12 noon - 3.00pm
Forest School - 12 - 3pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Breakfast club 8.30am - 9.00am Mon - Fri


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OFSTED inspection

Barlow Pre-school's latest OFSTED reportLATEST OFSTED REPORT - 1st July 2015

Following the latest OFSTED inspection we’re delighted to announce that Barlow Pre-School got a very positive report.  The inspection sets out OFSTEDS judgements about the quality of our provision.

The overall rating was ‘Good’, with outstanding features defined by OFSTED as the aspects of the provision rated were strong.

Extracts from the conclusion of the report were:

Children's natural curiosity to learn is nurtured through well-planned activities. Consequently, children are eager, ready to learn and are developing the skills needed for school. 

The outdoor learning environment and Forest school approach is a particular strength of the pre-school. Children have access to a wide range of resources across all areas of learning.

Staff have positive partnerships with parents because they use a number of successful strategies to work with them. For example, parents regularly come into pre-school to share their knowledge and traditions, such as during cooking sessions. This promotes a collaborative approach to enrich children's learning.

The well-qualified and experienced staff demonstrate a strong commitment to promote a high-quality provision. They implement ideas and information gained from regular training. This enhances children's care and learning.

Children's safety and happiness is paramount and at the heart of the pre-school's ethos. Staff are vigilant and have an excellent understanding of how to support children's well-being.

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