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November 2018 Newsletter

Christmas Party Day & Nativity 2018



5th November – 21st December 2018












Knowledge & Understanding the World

People and communities

Literacy & Writing

Bonfire Night


Festival of Lights & Poppy Making

Making Habitats

Hibernation – Animals that Hibernate

Fire & Forest School






Communication & Language

Listening & Attention

Physical Development

People who help us – Role Play


Hibernation – Making Nests







PSED – Self Confidence & Self Awareness



People who help us – Role Play

Fire building

Keeping warm in the woods







Maths - Numbers

Physical Development

Movement and handling

Christmas Cards

Design & Making


Mud Pies/Water Play

Free Play







Knowledge & Understanding the World.

Exploring Media & Materials

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Nativity

Stay & Play


Animals that Migrate

Stay & Play







Literacy - Writing

Exploring Media & Materials

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Nativity

Stay & Play


Animals that Migrate

Stay & Play







PSED Self Confidence & Self Awareness

EAD – Being Imaginative


Christmas Crafts

Christmas Nativity

Stay & Play


Christmas Treasure Hunt

Stay & Play









































Dates for Your Diary:

Bonfire Night – 5th November

Diwali (Festival of Lights) – 7th November

Armistice Day November 11Th

Party Day 21st December   




Home links November 5th to December 21st 2018-To reinforce the children’s learning at Pre- School and Forest school

Theme : Autumn- Winter the changes we see, hear and feel, Hibernation, Migration, Habitats, How we adapt to the cold weather Bonfire night, Bonfire safety, Fireworks, Diwali celebrating the festival of lights. Armistice Day November 11th Remembering

And The Christmas Nativity story with Father Peter Green. Party Day with our own Nativity Performance and Sparky Marky

Enjoy a family outing to a bonfire or firework display, talking to your children about what they see, hear and feel, reminding them how to stay safe at these kinds of events.

Bake yummy treats with your children, chocolate apples, parkins, bonfire toffee etc…. talk about how we follow the instructions, measuring out ingredients

Enjoy making bonfire pictures, using different media and materials, talk about the textures and colours they use.

Encourage your child to buy a poppy or bring money into Pre School to purchase a poppy and explain the importance of remembering our heroes who fought in the wars past and present.

Talk about different cultures, traditions and family celebrations from around the world, some that we celebrate and some that we don’t, but explaining that every tradition is special to someone.

Talk about the difference between winter and Autumn, such as if it becomes colder, weather changing, how we adapted to the changes for example wearing coats, hats and scarves.

Enjoy feeding the birds as the weather becomes colder, especially if its frosty and explain why

Enjoying singing Christmas carols, please practice twinkle, twinkle little star, away in a manager, and when Santa gets stuck up the chimney ready for our Pre School Nativity

Use the laptops, IPad or computer to track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve. Sprinkle the reindeer food ready for Rudolf, and cuddle up to read “Twas the night before Christmas”

Make homemade decorations for your tree such as paper chains, garlands, enjoy baking some yummy treats.  

Encourage your children to write their names on Christmas cards.


What will the children have the opportunity to learn?

Learn about our local community and how we are part of it, learning about the countryside and towns and the differences between them,

Learn about people who help us and look after us in our community.

Learn about, celebrate and value our local costumes and traditions, how we write our names on cards and the reason why we send cards, learn about Empathy and looking after others. Learn Traditional songs and enjoy singing.  

  How to operate IT equipment, and enjoy playing on different programmes and games

Extend their knowledge of seasons, weather and changes throughout the year.  Gain Knowledge and understanding through sharing books and reading with the family.


‘Every Child a Talker’ at Barlow Pre-School

As part of our commitment to supporting children’s early communication and language development, Barlow Pre-School is taking part in the national ‘Every Child a Talker’ (ECAT) scheme, which, in partnership with parents and families, aims to support early communication skills including listening and attention, speaking and understanding.

Early communication and language skills provide the building blocks for future development, and can have a considerable impact on a child’s learning and development throughout their childhood.

Through the ECAT scheme, we are looking forward to working with parents and families to further support children’s communication and language development. With this in mind, we will be providing ideas for games and activities that you can try at home as well as providing some fun activities that children can bring home from pre-school.

At pre school we have introduced the chatterboxes as part of the new incentive Every child a talker (ECAT).

This is to encourage a two way communication of language between adults and children. Children love stories whether it in is book form or from there own imagination.

The chatterboxes have been created with this in mind, each box contains a story book with relevant toys so that the children can recreate the story through play engaging and interacting with their parents.

We are also in the process of creating play bags with familiar toys and equipment in from pre school so children can continue their play and development at home, these are to include a music bag, block play bag, a gardening bag and many others. 


Here are some simple and fun activities that you can try at home.


Do you want to get involved?

Please see the volunteer rota at Pre School if you are able to help out.

Thank you



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